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Financing Agreements


The studio offers the opportunity for you to personalise your method of payment for any kind of dental or odontological treatment: whether in cash, by non-transferable banker’s cheque, at the ATM, by credit card or through instalment payments.

If you don’t think you can manage to pay in cash, a credit arrangement is the best option, allowing you to invest in the health of your teeth. Thanks to our corporate agreements with credit and finance institutes, we are able to offer facilitated loans. The full amount can be divided into instalments so that treatment can start straight away, with payment to follow in manageable monthly instalments. The paperwork is taken care of directly in the studio itself.


- Each month you pay directly from your current account without any hassle;

- You can spread your expenditure over time; no need to deal with it in a few months;

- You free yourself of the “worry” about how much you have to pay and when, because all the details are sorted out when the credit agreement is accepted.


Example financing agreements:

- Funding of €3000 paid back over 12 monthly instalments of €271.00


- Funding of €5000 paid back over 18 monthly instalments of €307.50

The secretary’s office at the studio is constantly at your disposal to offer you clarification and suggestions, and will be able to meet the requirements of every single patient, whatever therapy you are undergoing or will undergo. Contact us for further information free of any obligation.