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Immediate load implantology


Once upon a time, implant positioning was associated with long surgical procedures.

New technologies have revolutionised this situation, enabling patients to obtain natural-looking teeth right from the moment the implants are inserted.

With this technique, only 4 implants are inserted (in some cases 6 implants are used) and a screw-on immediate-load prosthesis is in position within 24 hours of the operation.  As of today – provided your condition allows – it will no longer be necessary to wait for months before being able to bite on new teeth.

The process may combine the extraction of damaged teeth with the immediate positioning of implants, thus reducing replacement time to a minimum.


  • You can have a complete dentition with fixed teeth after just a single operation.
  • Use only four implants to reinstate prosthetically an entire dental arch, obtaining considerable savings.


implantologia carico immediato