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Assisted Conscious Sedation

Patients may undergo ‘pharmacological sedation’ assisted by a highly experienced specialised anaesthetist, eliminating FEAR of the dentist and stress experienced during surgical interventions.

Implant guarantees

Patients receive guarantees for implants. Certified implants by 3i Implant Innovations are used. These are supported by numerous scientific studies and have an acknowledgement and competence passport guaranteeing aesthetic quality and robustness.

Radiological examinations

Right from the start, the Studio has been fully digitalised with image management and accounting programs. We can carry out digital panoramic endoral radiography (OPT- orthopantomogram) on our patients as well as teleradiography and high-definition low-emission tomography, guaranteeing patients high-quality images and minimal radiation absorption. Systematic Endoral Radiography Examination (ERSE); digital periodontal medical records

Wheelchair access

Bethaz Dental Studio is located on the ground floor of the building and is easily accessed by wheelchair users via a ramp directly from the car park.

Periodic reminders

The secretarial staff organise the appointment diary, guaranteeing a system of regular periodic check-ups required to guarantee optimum health and maintenance of the results obtained through dental rehabilitation.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Strict disinfection and sterilisation protocols are applied at Bethaz Studio for the operating theatres and for the instrumentation used. Physicians and assistants wear latex gloves and single-use protective masks in order to avoid the transmission of micro-organisms in either direction (patient to operator or operator to patient).


This measure aims to reduce the load of bacteria and viruses borne on the fine dust in the environment. Environmental disinfection is carried out through repeated applications of chemical products on work surfaces as well as through single-use insulating protectors (sheets and surface covers).


This involves the complete elimination of bacterial and viral loads from all instruments coming into contact with patients’ blood or saliva. The only sterilization system that does not damage the instruments is high-pressure steam in an autoclave.

The instruments use may be either single-use or sterilised in the autoclave, following which they are kept in sealed envelopes which are opened in the patient’s presence.

Instrumentation disinfection and sterilization procedure:

  • immersion in a solution based on peracetic acid for several hours
  • transfer to washer disinfectors in which the instruments are washed and rinsed mechanically
  • re-rinsing by hand under running water, drying and bagging
  • sterilisation in autoclave for 45 minutes at 135° C. Tests are also carried out to ensure the safety of the sterilisation process and the correct functioning of the autoclave.
    • chemical: Vapour Line strips at each cycle
    • physical: Bowie & Dick every 2 weeks
    • bacteriological: spores once a month

All studio surfaces are washed and carefully disinfected between each patient.