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About us

For over fifteen years now, Bethaz Studio has been rehabilitating patients affected by dental problems.

The multidisciplinary approach offered by Bethaz Studio is guaranteed by its many team members, each of whom brings their particular specialization to the drafting and execution of our treatment plans. The more complex of these may require a combination of periodontic, conservative, orthodontic and surgical implant treatment.

We treat patients affected by severe periodontal disease. These patients are put in the care of a team led by Dr Bethaz. During the first therapeutic stage, a graduate hygienist takes care of the non-surgical aspects. The surgical therapy is carried out by Dr Bethaz in our operating theatre.

We use a modern, up-to-date operational protocol, which follows the guidelines laid down by Italy’s leading scientific institute in the field, the Italian Association of Periodontology and Implantology (SIDP).

Immediate load implants with osteo-integration are carried out using up-to-date surgical protocols and using optimum equipment.

The reduction in the amount of time required allows patients to be rehabilitated over a period of a few days using immediate load implants. Prosthetization is carried out with the aid of computerised guides.

Orthodontic patients are placed in the charge of a specialised operator, responsible for monitoring outcomes over time.

Orthodontic rehabilitation is carried out both on children and adults.

Over the course of the years, the Studio has developed a team of paramedics who maintain control of aseptic conditions and the sterilisation of all equipment and instruments used. Sterilization is ensured by two autoclaves of the latest generation, which undergo daily sterility tests.

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Chantal Demaz

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Sara Camperi

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