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Prostheses that can be removed by the patient

The term ‘removable prostheses’ refers to all prostheses used to substitute the whole dental arch or parts of it. These may be easily removed by the patient during the course of the day. Removable prostheses include the full denture, the partial prosthesis and combined skeletal prostheses.

Partial prostheses:

The partial prosthesis is anchored using hooks or attachments to the remaining teeth. When the partial prosthesis has a metallic supporting structure, it is referred to as a skeleton.

Total prostheses:

With the total prosthesis, the biting loads are borne completely by the mucosa and the underlying bone, as there are no remaining teeth or roots. This prosthesis therefore has the task of substituting the full masticatory function. A better term would be ‘totally removable’ in that it is more of an appliance that the patient can remove and replace at any time during the day.