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The term (dental) implantology refers to the set of surgical techniques used to rehabilitate the patient affected by total or partial edentulism. Using dental implants, which are titanium components inserted into the jawbone or mandible, it is possible to restore the masticatory function through the use of fixed prostheses. This type of rehabilitation allows an optimum result to be achieved with a completely natural appearance.

Implantologia 1

Pre-implant surgery

The presence of bone tissue is a pre-condition for carrying out implant therapy. Should this be missing, lack of bone can be compensated through bone regeneration interventions involving the insertion of membranes and grafts of artificial bone.



Bone regeneration

This therapy promotes the reconstruction of the bone using grafts of autologous bone with the support of re-absorbable and non-reabsorbable regenerative membranes. This therapy is conducted to compensate for bone atrophy and enables a fixed implant or prosthetic rehabilitation to be carried out in patients with severe bone deficits.

rigenerativa ossea