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Sauro Salvatorelli


Sauro Salvatorelli

Formal Training

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Rome in 1979.
 Professional Qualification in Medicine from the University of Rome in 1980. 
Registered in the Roll of the Order of Medical Physicians of Rome in 1980.
 Completed housemanship at the General Surgery and Accident and Emergency department of the provincial hospital of San Sebastiano Martire in Frascati (Rome) from 29 April 1980 to 28 October 1980.
 Registered with the Roll of Medical Surgeons of the Valle d′Aosta since dal 1985, originating from the Roll of Medical Physicians of Rome. 
In 1991 completed post-graduate theoretical-practical course in Clinical Endodontics, following that of Boston University, under Dr Elio Berutti.
 In 1992 registered with the Professional Roll of Dentists of the Valle d′Aosta, while maintaining enrolment in the Roll of Medical Surgeons of the Valle d′Aosta.

Professional Experience

For over 15 years active as dentist at the studio of Dr Nicola Bethaz, specialising in recovery of dental elements and in endodontics. Attended refresher courses in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.