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The Course “Theory and Practice of Anatomical Dissection on the Cadaver: Advanced Surgical Implant Techniques” has the objective of imparting to its participants a greater level of confidence in surgical practice. Over the course of a few days, vital technical contents are transmitted that will improve your speed and level of safety in routine surgical procedures.



Dear Colleagues, I found that this course lived up fully to expectations. The anatomic preparations were excellent, there was a great willingness to provide explanations and the kit supplied was good. We are all well aware that daily practice is needed in order to acquire the manual skills and confidence in surgical techniques that allow you to conduct them without major complications. Keeping up contacts that facilitate continual exchange with those using the best practices will therefore help you to understand your mistakes and keep you abreast of the new gold standards. I rate your course as excellent under every heading.

Dr Giuseppe


The organisation of the course was excellent; the amount of room made available, the wide-ranging and well supported lessons – I would say everything went well. This course satisfied me well, both in its theoretical/representational aspect and for its practical part. The dissection was very interesting and useful through its research into ‘at risk’ structures (nerves, vessels, ducts etc.), giving me a lot more confidence in surgery.

The areas of periodontics covered cleared up some doubts I had (e.g. about releasing periodontal flaps ...)

I would like to congratulate the contributors, who have been outstanding, clear and practical: their advice and explanations have been of great use when applied to my daily practice.

I will certainly spread the word about your course.

Dr Gabriella


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Dr. Nicola Béthaz - Dr. Francesco Ferrarotti
12-13-14 aprile 2012 LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND
Département de Biologie Cellulaire et de Morphologie Université Lausanne