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3D Examinations, Cone Beam Imaging, CAT Scans

A three-dimensional examination of the bone structures is a basic requirement for the successful planning of prosthetic surgery.

Advanced technological equipment is now on hand in our studio for carrying out CAT scans. Studies of the lower and/or upper jaw can take advantage of depth imagery to create three-dimensional models.


  • convenience for the patient, who can have the examination done directly in our studio without having to book sessions in outside facilities
  • cutting out long waiting times because the results of the scan can be analysed by the dentists immediately
  • low exposure to radiation: doses of harmful radiation are 90% lower than those used in traditional radiography

The examination is then processed by the doctor, using purpose-designed software.

The images enable the dentist to examine the height, size, thickness and quality of the bone. On the basis of these characteristics, different methods are pursued to resolve the patient’s individual issues.


teeth CAT    3-d volume of teeth